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How to be a Good Open Source Citizen!!

by: Curt Gratz

Obligatory Who Am I

Co-owner of
Computer Know How

Member of TEAM ColdBox


What will we be covering?

Isn't open source software just "free"??

Not all free software is open source

What you download is what you get

Not all open source software is free

Pay to get the source

Shock alert!!!

All software costs somebody something

So who pays?

Community "pays" "owns"

How do they pay?

They pay...


Open CFML Foundation

So, then what is Open Source?

That license allows for

You need a license, which one should you choose?

Full Disclosure

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV

GPL: General Public License

LGPL: LESSER General Public License

MIT License

ASL: Apache Software License

WTFPL: Whatever the *** You Want Public License

Help in a positive way

Move from a consumer to a contributor

Don't be this guy!!

Sometimes it's better to be the troll than this guy!!

Find projects you use or want to use

Join their mailing lists

Answer questions on the mailing list

Review documentation

and offer your ideas

Offer to write some documentation

Screencast a feature

File a bug report

Better yet, fix the bug and submit your fix

Review tickets

Take a the work

Communicate and collaborate as much as possible

OS project authors are approachable and open to your ideas, in fact they want them

What's in it for me?

When should I release my project to open source?

Got a project, and wondering when to release it and how?

When it is prrrrrfect!!


Or right after you see that a similar project doesn't exists

Code in public

Things your project needs

Already talked about that

Some public bug trackers (Hosted)

Some public bug trackers (Open Source)

Some public free repository hosting


Awesomeasize your project

Upgrade your Readme

Upgrade your Docs

Upgrade your Projects

More Awesome


Credits (more)

Contact Info

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